10 Places that will pay you to relocate. Free Money!!

This is a list of places that will pay you or give you tax breaks to move to their town.
Most people dream of owning some real estate, this is will show you some places that might make that easier to do.

On this channel, we focus on relocating. At least that was the original idea for this channel. To give information about places you might want to or not want to move to and make it entertaining.
If relocating is why you here, you probably already know that relocating can be expensive. Uhaul or movers will set you back. If you are renting that deposit is rough for some people. Going a couple of extra weeks between paychecks can be harsh for people living paycheck to paycheck.
In a nutshell, the cost of moving is what stops a lot of people from relocating. The good news is, there are places in the United States that will pay you to move to their town, city, or state. Some are in the form of reimbursement of moving expenses, pay of student loans, tax exemptions and others. So if you are itching for a fresh start……


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