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Before you sign a residential lease agreement as a tenant, or if you’re a landlord drafting a rental agreement for a tenant, you really need to watch this video.

I’m going to tell you about 7 illegal rental agreement clauses that could make your lease unenforceable.

How to screen a landlord and break a lease. Watch:


Remember that every state has different landlord/tenant laws, but the S7 contract terms that I’m going to discuss in this video are probably illegal in most states.

Many landlords download boilerplate leases from the internet in order to avoid paying an attorney to prepare a valid and effective residential lease, or to avoid paying for a state approved lease containing enforceable terms.

In many states, there are vendors that will produce valid leases with all of the terms that are allowable in a particular state.

Some boilerplate leases that a landlord can download for free on the internet contain illegal terms, or terms that your particular state does not allow.

Also, many times landlords actually ADD terms into a lease that they dream up on their own that are illegal or unenforceable.

Tenants need to read the entire lease, not only to know what you’re getting into, but to see if there are illegal terms in the lease before signing it.

For landlords, you need to review your state laws regarding tenant agreements so that a court won’t void your lease if there’s ever a dispute.

Watch to learn the SEVEN lease provisions that are probably unenforceable in most states.