Direct Med Clinic is able to offer you affordable healthcare without sacrificing quality or service, creating a specific plan for your company. This year, we’ve had one of our biggest successes.

We managed to save one of our employer clients 1.7 million dollars on workers’ compensation claims. We reduced the costs of the six most common lab tests alone, saving $93,000 offering employees $0 for virtual care.

Yes, we save our clients money, but we also care about them and their workers.

How do we do it?

By creating a solution that fits your needs.
Building a direct doctor-patient relationship.
Offering virtual care after hours
And spending more time in the office with patients.

And we never stopped.
Not even during a pandemic.

This was true for them.
This can be your case too.

Start changing your employee’s lives.
Start changing your company.
Start working with Direct Med Clinic.