Property management San Antonio review. This video illustrates why NOT to use Davidson Properties in San Antonio and is a guide to real estate investing and renting alike; featuring a look at Davidson Properties, a property manager in San Antonio.

In this video, whether a property owner, or a renter, you will learn that not all property managers are the same, and that doing your research may save you hundreds of dollars in cost each year.

As an owner, you will learn what things to look for in a management agreement, and how certain seemingly small fees can add up. You will also see my 1.5 star (poor) evaluation of Davidson Properties from the viewpoint of a real estate investor, focusing on three different aspects: cost to do business, customer service and service of property.

As a renter, you will learn how the three factors above can effect you as a renter, as often times the money saved by the owner will be passed on to you in the form of lower rent.

If you are interested in hiring a property manager in the San Antonio area, or if you are looking for a rental property, I’d recommend taking seven minutes out of your day to learn a bit from my mistakes, and avoid using Davidson Properties.

In short, if you learn nothing else from this video, remember this: after eight years of investing in real estate and buying rental properties, if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that you need to shop around; not all property managers are the same, and doing your homework as a consumer could save you hundreds, if not thousands on your investment.