This was our June 2nd 2021 commercial webinar. This webinar highlights ESGs (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting for all types of stakeholders in real estate and construction. Thanks to Eric Bill and Autocase (by Impact Infrastructure) our ESG Partner.

We discuss how you can leverage IncentiFind to capture incentives when you meet your ESGs on your real estate and construction projects.
0:00 Introduction – Natalie C Goodman
1:55 Eric Bill Introduction
3:45 Introduction to Autocase
8:41 New Federal Requirements
24:45 ESG Concept and Valuation
28:03 The Process
31:47 Project that Leverage Autocase
36:30 Autocase Case Study
38:14 Case Study – Pier 70 Horizontal
43:51 Case Study – Pier 70 Parcel A
46:36 Software Overview
49:45 Question & Answer
55:50 Q&A Continued
IncentiFind hosts monthly webinars to guide you through our process of identifying and connecting to incentives with a live demonstration.

During this webinar you will learn:

1. How to create your profile and complete our SEARCH Survey (a prerequisite to using any of our services)
2. The type of incentives we house in our database
3. How to leverage incentives on your project by reviewing real projects that IncentiFind has recently completed
4. How to apply to incentives using IncentiFind’s APPLY Services

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