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This is a short video overview of bark.com. We use bark to help find new customers for our web design company websitecasa. Here are some helpful tips on how to acquire new customers using Bark.

Finding new customers is one of the hardest parts of running an business. Any tool that can make finding customers easier is worth looking at.

How it works
Bark is the Amazon of services. Millions of people use us worldwide to find what they need every day.

Quick Links

What is Bark.com – 0:35
How customers find you – 1:00
Setting filters – 1:25
Customer Avatars – 1:45
Setting more filters – 2:29
Knowing your customers – 3:45
Who we don’t work with – 5:05
Customer Urgency – 6:23
Customer budgets – 7:05
Local or National advertizing – 8:04
Successful sales process – 9:05
One-click response – 10:25
Agile CRM – 11:00
Getting Agile – 11:40
Summary – 11:50
Conversion – 12:10
How much do leads/credits cost? 12:55
Elite pro – 13:30
Bark customer service – 14:50
Resources – 15:50

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