The most commonly asked question regarding Drop servicing business is “How to get Drop Servicing clients?”.

I often emphasize on zero marketing cost for every dropshipping and drop servicing business that i own. Hence, in today’s training, i will be sharing on how to get Drop servicing clients without advertisements. There are 3 FREE ways that i often use to increase my Drop servicing sales and i will share with you in today’s video. (Skip to 29:55 if you want to find out the 3 ways)

I will also be recommending to you 3 types of Drop servicing products (digital services) that you can sell. These 3 types of services work very well with the 3 FREE ways to get Drop servicing clients!

As i will also be sharing other important info on Drop servicing in today’s 1 hour training, i’ve included the timestamp below for the ease of navigation:-

Drop servicing business model –
02:10 – My dropshipping & drop servicing journey
10:58 – How i discovered Drop servicing
14:30 – What is Dropservice?
18:28 – What type of services to sell?
19:12 – Top 3 digital services
26:19 – How much can you earn from Drop servicing
29:55 – 3 ways on how to get Drop servicing clients without advertisement
42:49 – How many hours of work needed?
48:45 – How to earn $11550 per month?
55:15 – Drop servicing FAQ

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