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At Larsen Properties, we are excited about our new 24/7 maintenance capabilities that we are able to provide all our owners as part of our services. We have recently joined forces with a company called NightTenders, and this allows us to forward any calls that come in overnight or early in the morning. This service will handle all emergency issues such as a broken pipe, an air conditioning outage, or any other important problems. When a tenant calls with a problem, that call will go to a call center where a live person answers the call and monitors the situation. They can diagnose the issue and take immediate action if necessary. Anything that might be going wrong gets immediate attention. For example, let’s say a pipe bursts at your rental property at 2:00 a.m. on a Sunday. Not a lot of people are awake at that hour other than the company that we have recently partnered with. NightTenders will take that phone call. The emergency line is 210-497-8686. You can hit a number on our prompt, be directed to NightTenders, and they will diagnose & take immediate action. We will handle all emergency repairs. This gives people peace of mind knowing that they can call somebody who will take immediate action. If it’s something important, we want to minimize those losses for the home owners. We offer this as a service to all of our owners for free. If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call at 210-497-8686. You can also visit our website

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