Do you know all about these facts about tech? Watch and and see if you’ve been doing it right all along! Para Bumilis ang Computer – Pero Magaan sa Bulsa 👈 More tech tips here ❗️

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Tech Facts I Was Surprised to Learn
1. You don’t need to use your thumb for thumb screws 1:32
2. Double NAT is bad 3:32
3. Windows Shutdown vs Restart 6:14
4. Many products require you to tell them to go fast 8:23
5. Don’t believe all of the internet speed ads 10:31

*sorry nalito na ako sa math ko, I meant to say here slightly OVER (not LESS) than 10% of 1 megabyte 11:34

Episode 116x9x21 – 5 Tech Things I was Surprised to Learn About