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How do you use a service catalog and what services are offered in IT? This training video will help you understand how the Office of Information Technology uses the catalog to offer technical support to UT Dallas. Learn how to make requests for service, opportunities for research support, and how your requests help us develop new projects.

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0:00​​ Welcome!
1:25 CIO Update
12:24 Service Catalog Introduction and Access
19:37 Resources and Training #TeamsTips
26:20 TechKNOWledgy Bar Vision
29:12 TechBar Livestream
41:59 Blackboard Support and Updates
53:06 Wifi Project on Campus
58:43 Research Computing Consultation
1:10:45 Outage Process and Communications
1:31:33 Personal Email Address Request
1:38:45 Cloud Storage Now and Future Plans
1:45:39The Road Ahead

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