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Hi, this is Brad Larsen, real estate broker and founder of RentWerx San Antonio and in this video, I want to talk to you about our Schedule a Phone Call feature.

When you go to our website and find the portfolio manager you want to speak with, there’s basically going to be a link under their profile that will give you the chance to schedule a phone call. You will be able to click on the Schedule a Phone call feature either from the portfolio managers auto signature or on our website, that is going to tie right in with their Google or Outlook calendar. You can schedule the length of time of the call and let the portfolio manager know what you want to talk about. This is an opportunity for your portfolio manager to do research on whatever your concern is, so when your portfolio manager calls you back, they will have all the details concerning your issue ready. This is to maximize both your time and that of your portfolio manager.

This is a feature we’ve been using for over a year now and we are one of the leaders as far as using technology that helps make your workflow smooth is concerned.

For further inquiries, or if you want to see our available #SanAntonioHomesforRent, please don’t hesitate to call us or visit our website. Thanks for watching!

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