San Antonio, TX, has consistently been named one of the fastest-growing cities in the country year after year by Forbes. The rental demand is HOT, and vacancy timeframes are some of the lowest we have seen in the country. San Antonio’s economy is focused primarily on the military, healthcare, government services, financial services, oil, gas, and tourism services, which have helped to drive the city’s dynamic and diverse economy. It is home to 4 massive military bases between the Army and Air force, as well as five fortune 500 companies. The roots of San Antonio’s dramatic business growth and economic vibrancy can be traced to a superb infrastructure, pro-business local government, and a culture that embraces the entrepreneurial spirit.

Actual hand-picked single-family and multi-family investment properties are shown with high returns and strong rental demand.

Here are some topics and stats we will also discuss in more detail:

New construction homes and multi-units with positive cash flow!
Why the rental market is on fire in San Antonio
Why it’s considered the 2nd fastest growing city in the U.S.
1-year home price growth: 7% (Forbes)
3-year price growth forecast: 20% (Forbes)
Which suburbs and neighborhoods are the best to buy-in
Property management services and fees
Since receiving our broker’s license in Texas, Marshall Reddick has set up a “Dream Team” team of Realtors, Leasing Agents, and Property Managers within our firm to support all of the growth we see in this dynamic market. During this webinar, you will hear from our team that handles sales, leasing, and management in-house, as well as hear the latest on the real estate market, rental market, job market, and all of the growth happening there right now. We have grown from 0 to 250 properties under management in just 18 months, which is a testament to the growth in the economy as well as our fine-tuned and highly effective approach to property management.