The Biggest Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Right Now // Traditionally, the real estate industry as a whole has been a slow adopter of new trends, with new technologies and ways of doing things taking a long time to “take off” in real estate, compared to other industries which can pivot more quickly.

Part of this is due to the slower nature of real estate, in that it takes time to get city approvals, build buildings, and make changes to existing buildings to create value in the real estate space.

But this year, out of pure necessity, the rate of change went into overdrive, as retailers struggled due to nationwide shutdowns, hotels struggled due to travel restrictions, and everything that was happening in the last 5 to 10 years seemed to accelerate in warp speed to accommodate all of the things that occurred in 2020.

And with changes this big, the opportunities that have come to the forefront in the industry this year are huge, so in this video, I wanted to break down three of the biggest opportunities I see right now in the commercial real estate space, and how you might be able to take advantage of each.

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